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All club repeaters are temporarily off-line

Cross-band Analog Repeater

Output: 146.550 MHz
PL: 100 Hz [optional]
Input: 446.100 MHz
PL: 100 Hz [required for access]

This repeater is installed in a temporary location at approximately 6,400 feet. On this cross-band repeater, you transmit on UHF and listen on VHF. A 100Hz PL tone is required for access and is also transmitted by the repeater.

Until we can install an ID'er, please identify the repeater by voice, saying, "This is the W5QJM cross-band repeater."

Range Tests:

In tests so far, the repeater has been accessed from; Canyon City, Penrose, Florence, Westcliffe and Pueblo. However, it depends on where you are in relation to the terrain and buildings. HT coverage may be a bit limited, depending on your location and additional areas may also have access.

Range tests are on-going and additional results will be posted here when available...

Power Source:Solar

The repeater may occasionally be off-line due to low battery power.
This is caused by the lack of, or not enough sun to keep the batteries charged. It could be from snow buildup on the solar panels, fog and cloudy conditions, etc. preventing the batteries from being charged.

Temporary Analog Repeater

Our temporary, low level analog repeater is on-the-air in the temporary location, frequency and PL specified below. The power out is about 5 watts, using two Baofeng HT's, two temporary antennas (Receive and transmit) and the ERP is approximately 12 watts. Currently, HT and mobile range is somewhat limited, but base station operations with a good outside antenna should work well. We are working to improve this.

To conserve solar power during the overnight hours, this repeater is on a timer. It's on-the-air daily from 0600 to 2200. In the future, this repeater will be connected to WIRES-X and several different digital voice talk groups (Brandmeister DMR, YSF and others). Additional information shall be posted when available...

We are in the process of obtaining a fully functioning repeater to replace the temporary unit on the following frequency and PL, with an increase in output power to at least 25 watts and a single antenna with higher gain.

Frequency: 448.825 MHz (could be changed in the future)

Offset: - Minus

PL: 203.5 Hz (could be changed in the future)

Power out: Currently 5 watts, but shall be increased when we install the new repeater.

Antenna gain and ERP: Depends on which antenna we use (unknown at this time)

Elevation: The repeater will be set up in a temporary location about half way up the hill, at approximately 6,400 feet. When we are able, it will be moved and installed on the top of the hill. The exact elevation of the future repeater location is unknown, until we can get to the top of the hill and check it with a GPS. However, we estimate it to be between 6,800 and 7,000 feet

Coverage area:

In the temporary location; Canyon City and Florence will be able to access the repeater. Coverage to the East and NNE could be blocked by the hill, but other areas toward the West and South might be able to access it.

In the permanent location; When the repeater is moved to the top of the hill, coverage will improve. The coverage area will include the above locations and others surrounding the Canyon City/Penrose area, with coverage into Pueblo and other areas.

Other areas might be able to access the repeater in both the temporary and permanent locations, but we won't know the coverage area until the repeater is installed and tested. We can only guess until then.

Power source: Solar panels and batteries

Installation Date: Of the permanent repeater is Unknown, but getting closer.

Information will be posted as it changes, or becomes available. Please check back.

This page updated on 25 August 2023 @ 0958 Mountain

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