Beaver Creek Amateur Radio Association
Radio Station KF0IBJ
Penrose Colorado
Grid Square DM78ln

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Digital Voice

The BCARA has an active Digital Voice (DV) link. This linked system is setup to ensure that users can talk to each other, regardless of their mode. This allows users to choose their favorite radio and DV mode of choice without respect to the 'one' mode that the club setup. Eventually, the digital link system shall be attached to our repeater.

Frequency: 147.525 MHz Simplex (analog voice)
PL Tone: 203.5 Hz
Analog (on the simplex frequency) trans-codes to/from all digital modes, which come in from the internet

YSF: BeaverCreekAR - 81215
Wires-X: Temporarily on hold
Brandmiester DMR: TG 3195036
D-Star: XLX156
AllstarLink: 49157
Analog voice: Use the frequency shown above

Note: A "hot-spot" will give you access into any of these digital modes, after being set up

On-line Dashboard for the digital system

Information will be posted as it changes, or becomes available. Please check back.

This page updated on 26 August 2023 @ 0759 Mountain

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